Why PuriYves?

PuriYves daily & monthly contact lenses

Our products are manufactured according to the strictest quality standards and are FDA approved

puriyves contact lenses

Why choose PuriYves contact lenses?

Launched in Singapore since 2000, PuriYves have been providing comfortable contact lenses to contact lens wearers for over 18 years. Being one of the few fully Singaporean owned companies, we aim to continue to provide great lenses at affordable prices. We can be found at close to 100 optical retail outlets country-wide. Our lenses are available as daily lenses and monthly lenses to suit your lens wear frequency and budget.

puriyves contact lenses

Moisture-rich and lightly tinted blue

Our lenses come with a blue tint for easy pick up and wear especially without your glasses on!

puriyves contact lenses

Ultra-violet (UV) Blocking

In hot sunny Singapore, UV radiation is at a high level throughout the year. Our lenses provide UV protection against harmful UV rays. However, do take note that eye areas not covered by contact lenses are not protected from UV radiation. UV blocking eyewear like sunglass is highly recommended for full UV protection around the eyes.

puriyves contact lenses

Provides many hours of comfortable wear

Our lenses are at least made up of 55% water, making it moist and comfortable to wear for many hours. If your visual demands are heavy, find out how you can keep your lenses comfortable for long hours of wear.

puriyves contact lenses

Designed for great vision

Our lenses are designed using wave front technology and have an aspheric curve to give you clear vision even for users with some astigmatism. Please see an optometrist to get an updated prescription.